the data industry is a
lazy beast

data is everywhere. scattered, siloed, fragmented. useful data is abundant, yet often disjointed and underleveraged. you don’t have to be an expert in data analysis; that’s our domain. we transform our customers’ diverse data landscapes into a source of defined, timely insights, driving intelligent, data-informed decisions. we’re here to integrate and elevate data, revolutionising marketing strategies and operational efficiency.

stop. buying. data.

well, at least stop buying it the way you do. forget the CRM you have for a minute, and imagine your target market perfectly mapped, with every company hitting criteria. no imposters. no missing suspects. your sales team empowered with insight into the current attitudes and opinions of their decision makers, vertical by vertical. and being alerted, in real-time, to every disparate, yet meaningful event impacting those organisations. this is competitive advantage, on demand


competitive advantage is a rare commodity – navigate is a waffle-free, tactical analysis programme which allows our customers to quickly build an understanding of the influences, attitudes and opinions of the senior level decision makers within their key target markets, before committing resources.

this intelligence ultimately shapes investment strategies and allows for confident sales and marketing decisions to be made based on real-time insight

predictive analytics

on an ever-increasing basis, the world is using data to make more informed decisions. by tracking millions of signals and real-time events across the globe, spikr tells you which companies are most likely to be in the market for your services. we empower marketing teams to make better informed decisions, inspire campaigns, and eliminate the numbers game, allowing your sales team to be in the right place at the right time

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