you don’t actually need all those leads…

focused on augmenting sales teams by managing leads, we created a service to address the blind spot which exists in almost every company. we increase revenue by orchestrating more efficient funnels, higher conversion rates, and better management of opportunities

why sales need supporting

outbound leads often have a longer gestation period than their inbound counterparts. with sales teams targeted quarterly and annually, anything with a timescale outside of this doesn’t often get a look in (and that’s most enterprise leads). mix in active bids, elusive decision-makers and SFDC sales-amnesia, and it’s no surprise when leads go Houdini.

freeing up sales, to sell

as lead volumes grow, it becomes increasingly unrealistic for sales teams to sufficiently build and sustain meaningful relationships with organisations not quite sales ready. msb pick up the ongoing dialogue, keep track of the changing landscape, converse with all decision-makers and influencers involved in the project, and tag sales back into the conversation only when required. once quotable, sales do the heavy lifting.


most enterprise leads require work before they are quotable. sales teams are generally built to manage active opportunities, but do not often have the bandwidth for the tenacity and nurturing required to progress those with a mid to long term timescale. it is hard to identify opportunities languishing until it is too late. msb has the ability and know-how to maintain regular senior level contact, ensuring no unnecessary lost sales opportunities.


increased revenue

by keeping every relevant opportunity alive, pipeline increases, and less leads are required to achieve target. with msb supporting, sales are free to take on more opportunities. less leads, higher conversion, no waste.

smt visibility

ensuring each lead has a real-time status, a clear next action, and assigned ownership, msb communicates clear opportunity progression and revenue forecasting. imagine, a pipeline always up to date.

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