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our sustainability story

we are proud to be involved in one of the world’s most ambitious sustainability projects. focused on circular ecology and social value, we are helping technology companies around the world to rebalance the communities they most effect with real-time carbon sequestration.

Howard Gunstock (CEO Carbon Kapture) and Paul Rees (mysalesbox) first met when they were knocking doors in the 90s. fast forward a couple of years (cough) and their two companies have come together to accelerate a reversal in climate change. mysalesbox is proud to be involved in one of the world’s most exciting and adventurous projects focused on carbon removal.


their innovation lies in the extraordinary capability of seaweed to grow up to 30 times faster than trees, making it a superior tool for absorbing CO₂. a single metre of seaweed can sequester 1.8kg of CO₂, amounting to 1,800 metric tonnes per year across their million-metre pilot project in Ireland. post-harvest, the seaweed is transformed into biochar, a stable carbon form that enhances soil quality and agricultural productivity while reducing fertiliser use and water pollution. to encourage adoption, they donate it all to farmers.


Carbon Kapture is pioneering a groundbreaking approach to combat climate change globally, leveraging the untapped potential of seaweed for large-scale carbon sequestration. Their unique circular ecology model partners with seaweed and shellfish farmers, utilising their existing infrastructure and local knowledge to cultivate seaweed. this symbiotic relationship not only boosts the farmers’ revenue but kickstarts biodiversity and accelerates their expansion, enabling the launch of new farms on any suitable coastline in the world within a matter of months.

social value

each farm is opened in partnership with enterprise organisations as a BVCM project to help rebalance the communities they most impact. this then becomes a nexus for local community engagement, creating jobs, and partnering with academia and authorities to maximise sustainable development.


in a groundbreaking first year, Carbon Kapture has emerged as a pioneer in environmental innovation. celebrated by the World Economic Forum and nominated for the prestigious Earthshot Prize, our journey in 2023 marks a significant stride towards a sustainable future. we’ve partnered with leading global companies across diverse sectors, from insurance to fashion retail and technology, demonstrating our ability to execute. these milestones reflect our dedication to creating impactful, scalable solutions for climate challenges.

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