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networking & telecommunications

network architecture and the security running through it is now firmly back on the C-Level agenda. the fundamental ways in which organisations use connectivity have shifted drastically in recent times and the trend is set to continue. whether you are a global telco, an AltNet, a CDN, a tier-1 national provider, or specialise in low latency, msb are ready to take your proposition to market

“we’ve worked with msb for just over 6 months – in that time we have closed over a 7-figure value in new business revenue and created an incredibly strong qualified pipeline”

James Moon - Head of Business Development

data centre

whether your sales strategy is focused on colocation or wholesale, msb is a leading global force in lead generation. our consultants have walked the aisles of world-leading data centres, worked with regional IT decision makers to lift and shift their HPC estates, helped hyperscalers with global AI expansion, and can point at £1bn+ revenue as a result of our activity

“We really like the personalised approach of mysalesbox. The team’s expertise in the data centre market is unrivalled, and the time invested in understanding our unique proposition is evident. Communication is extremely professional and you really get involved in the whole process, from pipeline reporting to sales engagement. We first engaged msb 10 years ago – to date we have secured over 8-figures in revenue.”

Wesley Anastase‑Brookes - Commercial Sales & Marketing Director


enterprise IT vendors work closely with msb to grow market share and build pipeline, both for direct business as well as for their channel partners. the hardware which enterprise organisations invest in today, dictates their ability to perform and respond. msb works with some of the world’s most innovative vendors shaping the technology landscape

“i have been working with mysalebox for the past 4 years. what always stands out is how well they understand the customer. they are not a typical agency offering a set solution, but a dynamic team always ready to customise to fit the campaign’s requirements. msb are fast learners, have a good understanding of technologies and are skilled in speaking to any audience. they are also genuinely pleasant people to work with.”

Marina Furlong, Field & Channel Marketing EMEA

software & platforms

the software market is booming. propelled by enterprise demand for digital transformation, organisations are turning to ISVs for automation, data analytics, and efficiency to stay competitive. with a shift of influence away from traditional IT decision makers, our customers rely on us to identify and engage new business stakeholders

“working with msb has allowed our company to penetrate a specific vertical market segment which was of key importance to the business. it was clear that msb knew this market very well, and thanks to their deep knowledge, they allowed our team to build new relationships with several prospect accounts leading to the identification and closure of significant projects and a very promising pipeline.”

Hannah Sharland - Marketing UKI

managed services

outsourcing, automation, and hyper-converged infrastructure streamline operations, while IoT and blockchain enhance security. we take away the generic blah, and build stories for our customers. services are essential for scalable, efficient business operations – we bring our customers’ solutions to life to inspire decision makers, and uncover their projects

“as a managed service company targeting the enterprise, your services really hit the mark. your level of comprehension and the tools and insights made available to us were top-notch. we’ve seen a significant boost to our pipeline. partnering with you has been an extremely effective move.”

Thomas Lynch - Head of Marketing

cyber security

security threats are borderless – our customers help build some of the world’s most robust security solutions for the enterprise. our teams regularly engage C and D level security professionals to introduce our customers as trusted advisors, whether the focus is hacking, forensics, malware, ransomware or zero-trust strategies

“what do I like about mysalesbox? you are very close, very on top of everything. i have worked with many lead generation companies and nine out of the ten I have worked with were probably bigger than you, but the attention, the eye for detail and the quality of leads that you deliver and the subsequent follow up which should be done by the internal sales, our sales, is incredible.”

Ryan Castell - Customer Success Director, Europe

digital transformation

our customers are thought leaders in accelerating business – whether the solution requires Agile and DevOps methodologies, AI, or mobile apps, we engage at C-level to plug our customers directly into the vision of the board

“mysalesbox has impressed us with their high-quality sales leads targeting senior IT decision-makers at enterprise organisations. Their leads connect us with relevant stakeholders and provide detailed insights on customer pain points and needs, enabling more meaningful engagements. Through focusing on these decision-making contacts within key accounts, msb has been instrumental in advancing our cloud transformation pipeline. Their reliable lead generation continues to provide outstanding strategic value to advancing our sales approach.”

Stef Weegels - Sales Director

cloud services

rapid advancements in AI, machine learning, and edge computing are seeing our customers build some of the most exciting and innovative architectures in the world today

“Coming from a background where lead generation was viewed sceptically, I am genuinely impressed by the intelligence and credibility of your methods. This marks a stark contrast to my previous experiences and indicates a mature, collaborative approach that aligns well with our brand ethos.”

Sharon Mars-Leach - CMO

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