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engineering bluebirds

focused on driving pipeline and revenue through senior level face-to-face engagements – a comprehensive and fully managed programme powered by the industry’s most intelligent contact database, delivered by our CxO consultants


an advanced LinkedIn interface which allows us to connect to, and start conversations with, the decision makers of your target market. as our data team highlight which companies to focus on, the platform will automatically match them in LinkedIn, identify the contacts we need, invite them to connect, and start conversations using personalised messaging created with you


we accelerate vendors’ pipeline, make them relevant, and ensure channel partner engagement. our strength lies in creating sales-ready leads and seamlessly managing the delivery of both vendor and reseller needs. we help vendors build and expand their channels, and reach high-converting audiences through them.

abm... done properly

catalysing enterprise sales, our approach integrates data-driven insights with a tailored engagement strategy, spanning ICP development to lead nurturing. leveraging data platforms and social intelligence, for precise targeting. collaborating closely with your team, we nurture each prospect, ensuring alignment between sales and marketing for measurable, impactful results. trust in our proven track record to drive your growth.

the roundtable

the benchmark in corporate events, Roundtable offers a unique global portfolio of high-profile sports events and elite private dining experiences, all designed to drive revenue. from unparalleled views to chef’s table dining at world-leading restaurants. each event is bespoke, curated by VIP hosts, and features eminent guest speakers, sporting legends and renowned chefs. attendance is assured, and limited to senior-level decision-makers of enterprise organisations with pending projects, all under Chatham House rule. events… as they should be

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