who we are

engaging the world’s most powerful IT decision makers

we work with purpose... what’s yours?

mysalesbox combines experience and technology to deliver exceptional marketing and sales results

data is all around us, all the time – understanding how to interpret and filter an ever-changing landscape of information and turn it into actionable insight is a skill set our customers rely on us for… unrelenting problem solvers apply within

conversation is a dying art, tuning into the wavelength of a C-level IT decision maker and holding their interest isn’t easy… for some

our people are the driving force behind our success and we treat them as such. be part of something better

our customers average over $10m of closed business per month because we can tell stories

can you tell a story? we’re all ears

meet the team

Paul Rees


Cat Heckford

Chief Data Officer

James Street

Sales Director

Amber Givens

Performance Director

Gary Linn

Key Accounts Director

Louie Stoneham

Operations Director

Andy Groves


Shane Kirby

Head of Sales Support

Henry Jones

Head of Digital

data, sales, consultant…? whichever one of our teams you want to work in, a fundamental part of your role will be research. Find our CEO’s mobile number and message him to organise an interview